Saturday, January 16, 2021

We have received an offer!

5 Jan: Returned to boat to put her in order with a sale pending.

7 Jan: Scott Schenking aboard to look at and become more familiar with the boat, digging into lockers.

8 Jan: Quick haul at Snead Island with John Campbell, surveyor, Bill Wright, broker, Scott Schenking, prospective buyer.

10 Jan: I have sanded the doors and the bilge hatch so that they open and close smoothly. I replaced the engine room cover latch. Broker and Scott Schenking run out the sails. I put a proper cotter pin in the gooseneck.

11 Jan: Gavin from Freundship Marine checks windlass and agrees it is the motor that is the problem. The nav station chart plotter is no good, but it does pass data through to the helm chart plotter.

12 Jan: Oil change with Rotella T-4, 15w 40 (5.3 liters) and oil filter change (Yanmar #  .) Gear box oil change with Rotella T-1 SAE 30 (2.2 liters.) Antifreeze diluted 1:1 with distilled water and added to reservoir. Jim Freund visited and advised replacing the CRC 70 chart plotter with a used unit that works.

13 Jan: Found and purchased a CRC 80 chart plotter that will require a redesign of the nav station panel.

14 Jan: Visited Freundship to arrange work to be done. Stephen the Rigger arranged to deal with anemometer and mount Windex. Panel wiring disconnected ahead of redesign. Raritan head rebuild kit did NOT arrive at WestMarine.

15 Jan: Personal errands and visit with Tom, Vickie and Brian. I picked up the head rebuild kit at 5 PM, but did not have time to install it. Loaded van to return home.

16 Jan: Departed 0800 with a salute and a misty farewell to the S/V Jupiter's Smile.